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We offer you a great deal of traditional Bavarian and alpine music - Folk music for Styrian Harmonica, hammered dulcimer and guitar.
Dieter and I are music teachers for the diatonic Styrian harmonica.
About 29 years ago we started to notate music for the harmonica - in tablature notation.
It started with a textbook for 3- or 4-row instruments. By and by we continued our work to
publish many notebooks which are also offered with learn CDs in three different keys.
In 2007 we translated our standard textbook into English.

But that's not all. We also offer a lot of notebooks for the hammered dulcimer
(Salzburger - chromatic Hackbrett) and guitar. Mainly we offer traditional
music but you also can get some classical or modern pieces that we found
suitable for our instruments.

The translation of our standard textbook for the Styrian Harmonica into ENGLISH as well as DUTCH
may be the most interesting news. It is very helpful to get a lot of advice in your mother tongue,
when You start to learn an instrument.
Especially when there is no teacher to help You,
You will succeed to be self-taught.

We offer comfortable shopping and payment methods.
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Yours sincerely – Cornelia and Dieter Schaborak

Product no.: CS011

Authors: Cornelia and Dieter Schaborak

New Edition ©1992-2007 in tablature notation.

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Product no.: HB001
Author: Cornelia Schaborak
basic course for the Salzburger (chromatic) hammered dulcimer.
Step by step you learn to play, to read notes, to count...
The musical focus lies on the traditional alpine folk music.
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Product no.: CD131

We are proud to present you this brandnew CDs with 32 new compositions for the Styrian diatonic harmonica.

This compositions came into being in inspirative moments. The pieces are in the style of alpine music as well as

characteristic bohemian. Dieter's family roots are in the former "Tschechoslowakei" an so his soul also is in contact

with this very emotional music.

The compositions came into being between 1998 and 2011



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Product no.: HB004

Autor: Cornelia Schaborak

20 pieces with new and traditional melodies.
Recommendet after Chiemgauer NB vol.1.

Edition for two instruments and guitar
Keys: F-maj (1b) to E-maj (4#), Scales from Bb-Dur to B-Dur,
Description of musical signs.

Walzer aus dem bayerischen Wald • Almando Nr.11 • Almer • Amseleck-Boarscher • Am Bacherl • An Hansl seiner • Kärntner Hochzeitstänze • Holzauktion-Rheinländer • Oberlandler Figurentanz • Hohenzeller-Polka • An Pölsner Kaspar seiner • Tanzboden Boarischer• Sachranger-Walzer • Samerberger-Marsch • An Schindlschneider Seppn seiner • Trahüttener Polka • Vogerl-Walzer • Thalhofer-Menuett • Amboß-Polka • Weihnachtsruf

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Product no.: GS030
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Product no.: GS030MP3
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